Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use


 1. All prices are exclusive of V.A.T

 2. Prices quoted are F.O.R Durban

 3. All back orders are subject to the prices ruling at the time of delivery.

 4. Ownership of goods shall not be passed to the customer until full payment is received. 

 5. Passing of risk is affected upon delivery of the goods by U&G FABRICS to the customer or upon collection of such goods by the customer or the appointed transporting agent.


 6. Claims will not be issued unless the goods are flawed or incorrectly supplied. Necessary documentation must be supplied to process credit.

 7. SABS quality standards on flaws and defects will apply (5-6 flaws per 50m is deemed acceptable).

 8. Claims will not be issued on discontinued fabrics purchased.

 9. NO FABRIC WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR CREDIT ONCE IT HAS BEEN CUT OR MADE UP. No claims shall be entertained which exceeds the rand value of the fabric purchase on
   the specific invoice.

10. No labour claims will be entertaiined.

11. A 25% handling fee plus cartage will be levied on all goods returned for credit, and only if by prior arrangement, fabric orders less than 5 metres will be considered for credit.

12. No credits will be entertained after 4 weeks from date of invoice.

13. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inspect the goods upon receipt, prior to cutting to confirm that goods are correct in all respects. If the goods are to be delivered to a
   third party e.g. upholsterers or curtain makers, please ensure that they receive a cutting or an adequate description.

14. Our company drivers will not accept any goods from the clients for credit unless authorised by U&G FABRICS by means of a goods return form.

15. Special imports may not be returned for credit.


16. All electronic payments MUST reflect on our bank statement with your U&G account number e.g. UPG108642 before goods are despatched.

17. All cheque deposits MUST allow for 7 working days clearance.

18. Clients with dishonoured cheques will automatically be placed on a ‘cash only order basis’ and their account facilities withdrawn immediately.

19. All internet or bank transfers must include your U&G C.O.D/30 day/60 day account number e.g. UPG018642.

20. Clients are not entitled to any settlement discount if payment is effected by credit card.

21. C.O.D clients to fax proof of payment to 086 538 6944 or 031 208 0565 or email sales@ugfabrics.com.

22. Clients are requested to inform us of any changes in physical address or any other relevant company information.